• This game is under the Horror, Superhuman & Historical genres.
  • The game system is Aberrant (original).
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Between Two Worlds
July 1964 on another Earth, on another Beam.

In 1947, an asteroid broke up in the atmosphere, and the largest chunk smashed into an experimental spy plane.  The government cover up around the plane created a storm of conspiracies about alien spaceships.  They weren't wrong.  The rock had released frozen alien biomass into the stratosphere where a potent RNA virus bled into the water cycle. That year, life on this planet became much stranger.

Now, every UN session is the Soviet bloc accusing the West of becoming 'the new Germany' and the US ambassador insisting that weaponized Novas from Russia cross into Alaska 'every hour, on the hour'.  The truth is that every nation hunts and militarizes (or executes) all Nova Sapiens within their borders.  Mutants and psychics are Public Enemy Number 2 (behind the Reds, of course) in President McCarthy's America.  Those whose bodies assimilated the alien genetic code know from the onset of their powers that they will have four options: hide, run, volunteer, or die.  Those taking the third path say it's less four paths, and more one path with four stages.


In a timber town in rural Oregon, a popular cheerleader from last years' graduating class of Charwood High School has been found dead.  Her body was beaten and left in an old rail car with the words Suffer Not written in salt on the floor.  The anti-Nova slogan caused a group of students (Novas, whose eruptions brought them together) to realize that not only was their classmate, Cathy Price, a Nova but that her death is the first sign that someone, or something, on that sleepy little mountain, has decided to hunt their kind.  Now, as they should have been getting ready for jobs or college, these friends will have to find this threat and somehow protect their common secret.

From the RTJ...
During the summer before their freshman year (circa 1960) a group of teens, who had never met before, all had a terrible dream. A crow with the head of a spider was eating the world, which was the eye of a dead cat laying in the wagon ruts on an old dirt track road. When they awoke, still in their bedclothes (or lack thereof), they were laying in a circle. Each of them was branded by a wine stain mark in the shape of a rabbit glyph. (See main game map)

Over the next four years, they met seasonally to discuss the growth of the powers they gained that night.  The bond of their secret gave them the strength to resist unleashing their power during the tumult of high school.  The temptation was often great but to do so would bring the Natural Order Protection Agency (See a Nova?  Call NOPA!) down on them and their friends.  Only a few days ago, a body was found with an anti-Nova slogan on the floor beside the corpse.  NOPA would be in town before even the poor kids ran out of Fourth-of-July lady fingers to throw at each other.  Our cast will soon be hunted, not only by the government, but by a much more brutal predator.