• This game is under the Fantasy & Eastern genres.
  • The game system is Pathfinder.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
The Path of Kings
"All life is conflict, a war of wills where even inaction is action. Recognize this truth, master conflict, and you may walk where you please."
-The First Lord of the Immortal Sun
In 7211 of the Imperial Calendar, Tian Xia watched as foreigners from across the sea won the Ruby Phoenix Tournament, besting the best contenders and claiming the Hao Jin Tapestry for the Pathfinder Society. Or, rather, besting the best mundane contenders. For in Tian Xia what you see is not all that is, as the world is deeper than one can imagine.
Among the stratified societies of peasants, governors, criminals, and soldiers lies a layer unique to Tian Xia; those who walk the Path of War, achieving enlightenment through mastery of the self and the world around them that normal monks can only dream of. You are one such walker of The Path, a student of the Long Lie Jian, the 'Dragon Hunting Sword', taught at the mythical Illusory Peak and the Hidden Mountain Temple upon it.
You were taught to take your first steps along The Path, the secret techniques that put you on the path to immortality. You broke through one wall and another along your Path, and on your Sifu's recommendation embarked to see the world and expand your horizons. You advanced upon both The Path and the various roads of Tian Xia until you encountered another wall in your spiritual journey, and turned your eyes towards home to seek further counseling from those ahead of you on The Path.
But instead of a homecoming, you returned only to find death and ruin at the Illusory Peak. The Temple in ruins, the students and masters alike slaughtered to the man, the coffers emptied, and the great hall burned to the ground. The very energies of the mountain ran dark and thick with the suffering that had passed, driving the sacred beasts of the mountain away. And the only clues to go on; a flag bearing a black star on a red field, draped over the corpse of your Sifu who sent you on your journey, and the corpse of the temple's Grand Master withered and dried up like a corpse in the desert.

The lands your school protected now go unmanaged, wolves close in at the borders, and a force strong enough and willing to wipe out an entire school is somewhere in Tian Xia. You are the only student of the Hidden Mountain Temple, and the first practitioner of Lie Long Jian, the 'Hunting Dragon's Sword'.
But you will not be the last.