• This game has been marked for deletion.
At the moment this game is not ready to start, while I learn my way around the website and get all the details set up ready online. If you think you would be interested once the game gets underway, send me a private message to let me know and I'll give you a heads-up.

A dark superhero game
You thought you were normal. Then you woke up in prison, and it's a year later than the last day you can remember.

Character Creation

This game uses a simple homebrew system. Characters are described according to their life experiences, job, training and/or interests, and are assumed to have abilities in keeping with those. A narrow skillset (e.g. Nuclear Physics) gives more dice to roll when using those skills than a broad skillset (e.g. Army Sergeant). If you can justify the character having a specific skill as a result of that job, training or interest, that's the number of dice they roll for it: for example, Remote-Control Airplane Enthusiast could cover electronics, machining, aviation history and even remote camera operation. Each character also has an area in which they are below average and roll even fewer dice than the default. If this is a narrowly-defined area they roll fewer dice than those with a more widely-encompassing area.

Initial characters should be normal humans appropriate to a modern-day setting.

Start by creating your pre-amnesia character

Step_1: Give a very short (2-3 word) summary of your character concept. For example, Retired Assassin, Unemployed Circus Performer, Chemical Engineering Student, Disqualified Dentist
Step_2: Give a Primary Skillset using as few words as possible. This should not be a list of individual skills, but a label which will encompass a set of skills, training, knowledge and life experiences. Reflecting the character concept is the most obvious choice for this: CIA Operative, Trapeze Artist, Oxford Scholar/Yale Scholar, Dentist. It need not be concept-related, for example Computer Game Addict, Civil War Reenactor or Survivalist.
Step_3: Give a Secondary Skillset as for the the Primary Skillset: Amatuer Magician, Science Fiction Fan, Role-Playing Gamer. If you did not cover the concept with the Primary Skillset you may want to do so with this one. If you want your character to be markedly faster, stronger, more flexible or more intelligent than average- olympic/genius level- you need to allocate that to this slot instead of a skillset.
Step_4: Give a Flaw. This could be a chronic lack of talent in a specific area (Two Left Feet, All Thumbs, Bad Liar), a physical or mental disability or similar (Artificial Foot, Deaf in One Ear, Arachnophobia, Dyspraxia/Dyslexia/Dyscalculia), some other lack (Tactless, Poor Personal Hygiene), or limitation (Pacifist, Superstitious). You are welcome to make this the area in which to reflect the character's concept (an Out-of-Work Actor may be so because he is also a Bad Actor).