• This game is under the Supernatural & Horror genres.
  • The game system is All Flesh Must Be Eaten.
  • This game contains mature content.
Z: The Rising Dead
Hank Patterson walked through the stands of the stadium.  When he got the call, he was just sitting down for dinner, but he was on call.  How someone had gotten in was beyond him.  The stadium had been locked up since late September, and no one was supposed to be in here.  Probably some kids, his supervisor had said.

As he glanced out across the field, he thought he saw movement under the Liberty Bell.

Great, he thought, and picked up his pace.

He had hoped it was all just a false alarm, but now it looked like he'd have to run them out.  As he ducked back up into the concourse, he found himself wishing he'd grabbed one of the security carts.

He came out again out in right-center field and got his bearings.  He looked back toward the bell.  They were still there, moving slow.  They must not have seen him yet.

He was nearly running as he approached.  He held a heavy flashlight in one hand.  He'd had to use it as a weapon in scuffles in the past, but hoped it wouldn't be necessary tonight.

"Hey," he shouted.

The kids were ignoring him it looked like.  They were probably drunk, but whatever they were doing, they were in big trouble.  From what he could tell, there were two of them.

"Hey," he shouted again, much closer now, "you can't be in here!"

That got their attention.  First one, then the other turned.

"Mother of God," he whispered.  The flashlight dropped from Hank's numb fingers.

Welcome to The Dead Rising, an All Flesh Must Be Eaten game of survival horror.

Our story will begin a few days before Christmas in Philadelphia, PA.  With no sign or hint that anything is about to go awry, the city is unprepared for an outbreak like this.

Can you survive The Rising Dead?