• This game is under the Punk, Supernatural & Horror genres.
  • The game system is Powered by the Apocalypse.
Bloodborne: The Endless Hunt

"...We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood. Fear the old blood." -Byrgenwerth Adage

Ah...I see this is your first time seeing it. Well try not to look so slack-jawed. This may not be the largest city on Earth, but it is the most wondrous, I assure you. But standing here staring at it will not coax those wonders from it's grasps. Come, lets at least get out of this rain.

I too was once amazed at the changes in this place. When I was your age, this land was nothing but a collection of farms and hamlets. If someone told me that a city like this would one day take root in this cold dreary hinterland, I would have called them a fool. But alas, time makes fools of us all, you see.

Ah, yes here we are. On a night like this we're unlikely to find any charitable folk willing to take us in from the cold. The people around here are a suspicious lot, and are weary of outsiders like us. Oh no, I was born here! But they can tell I'm of the queer sort. I don't partake in their Communion. Not that their is anything wrong with it! No I'm just afraid of needles.

Thankfully the Clinics are always open to travelers, whether they be foreign or elderly. The Church turns it's nose up to no one! You needn't even speak the language, they know why you are here. Come on, come on! This is what you came here for correct?

The Miracle of Yharnam. The Blood of the Healing Church.

It only takes a bit, and your life will be forever changed. The pestilences of the world, the limits of mortality. They are no match for this panacea. I see so many come here with doubts, but they always walk away believers.

That's it, just sign this contract, and you'll be all set. Trust me the Sisters here have seen it all before. Diseases of both the flesh and the mind. Blood Ministration is the solution for all of it.

Relax my friend, the transfusion is starting now. I've heard the first time is always the most harrowing. You might see or hear things you will not understand. Don't worry, once you awaken you will think of it as nothing more than a bad dream...