• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.
Stoneheart Valley: Land of Adventure
Game System: 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Genre: Heroic Fantasy
Campaign Theme: Gain Fame and Fortune
Adventure Hook: The characters are traveling in the company of Corian, a wizardís apprentice who posted a notice at a tavern in Bardís Gate, The Starving Stirge, seeking the aid of able-bodied adventurers willing to join an expedition to a ruined wizardís tower in Stoneheart Valley, just outside the small village of Fairhill, with promises of equal shares for all.

Six Truths about Stoneheart Valley
1. Stoneheart Valley is a sparsely settled, idyllic frontier region just north of the Tradeway and is straddled between the large, bustling merchant city-state of Bardís Gate and the sprawling Grand Duchy of Reme.

2. Fairhill is a small, peaceful town in Stoneheart Valley with fertile fields and a happy populace due to the divine blessings of its patron deity, Pelor.

3. Stoneheart Valley is a land of verdant green hills dotted with pine forests and lesser woodlands, plentiful game, and isolated villages within the shadow of Stoneheart Mountain.

4. The region is growing darker of late and dangers abound in the form of roving orc hordes, marauding gnoll packs, scheming mad wizards, fanatical cultists, and more!

5. The Tradeway runs through the region and is well patrolled by both bandits and the Grand Dukeís sheriffs who hunt them, but has also seen an increasing number of orc raiding parties of late.

6. The ruined keep just east of Fairhill was long ago the home of a wizard who fell to madness in his pursuit of dark arts and in more recent years was used as an Iron Circle stronghold before they were rooted out by the Grand Duke's forces and forced to resume their illicit operations elsewhere.