• This game is under the Fantasy, Intrigue & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Savage Worlds.
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Savage Worlds WiP
All PCs are followers of Corvan, deity of lore and exploration, belonging to one Flight, a group of followers working together for long term.

Your general mission is to gather information on the frontier for the Nest in the small town of Hillfort, a forward stronghold of civilization. That leaves you a lot of leeway in your methods, your personal life, but sometimes one of you will receive a quest in a dream, or the Loremaster of the Nest tells you about one, either way you'd better heed that call.

Everything east, north and south is the frontier, so you have a lot to discover. You'll have supporters, allies and enemies along the way, and who is which will depend mostly on your decisions.

This is an exploration / socializing game, fighting will be rare and mostly ninja-style. Face-to-face war is not the Flight's forte. Later, if the game lasts long enough and there is interest, players can have an extra PC and group, a Pack of Warriors of Lupesh, who do the dirty jobs. Who knows, maybe even a Naugha Cell doing some covert cleansing (assassination).