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Sir Rhydwyn is one and twenty years of age. Born of Cymric parents, but Romanized in customs and beliefs for the most part. The young man is of average height and plain appearance, except for his gaze that is said to be intense, when he locks eyes with someone.

 He enjoys all sorts of games, and all aspects of warfare, from the lists to actual battle. It is said that Sir Rhydwyn has only one love more than the sound of sword upon sword, and that is wooing fair wenches into his bed. He does not take well to being bested, and has been known to hold a grudge.

 The one flaw, if it could even be called such, is the young Knights hatred towards the Saxons. He seldom take Saxon prisoners, and has been known to slay man, woman and child without regard. These strong feeling are the result of an event that took place a handful of years ago. RhydwynÂ’s mother was a Christian, as opposed to his father that worshiped the Lady of the Cymrics. His mother and young sister went on a pilgrimage to a shrine, but the party was intercepted by a band of raiding Saxons. When the bodies where found, his mother and sister had been violated then had thier throats cut, as the Saxon band knew it was being sought after, and had no time for prisoners.