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The handsome broad shouldered fit man with a Gentle face a quality making him appealing to many women. He wears a short beard and has well groomed hair favoring the colors of brown, green and white the colors of the Earth. Around his neck he wears a rune on a leather cord with the symbol of his Patron Deity Math.

Rhainallt the Prudent is known for never rushing into action if it can be avoided and careful planning this includes trying to better estates and lands under his care, providing for commoners who are his obligation listened to and the levy provided arms, armor and training in combat. The commoners have a council of five men and women three who they choose and the village Christian cleric and one Pagan priest or wise woman who are to advise him on estate matters and provide the ear of the common people under him.

He avoids tournament combat and jousting since he has no need to wave his 'manhood' around and his deeds should be from deeds even if simple that brings Glory to his name. He is much like his late father in that regard.