• This game is under the Action/Adventure genre.
  • This game contains adult content.
Solo Game
I was looking to expand my game list by one and have way too many ideas floating around to narrow it down, so I thought I would instead flip this around and get players to pitch their solo game ideas at me instead!

The game would be a solo game focused on your character. The game could focus on your rise to power of a organisation or guild, taking over the galaxy with your Jensaarai army, protect the innocent with your newly discovered superpowers, or just try to have a normal life while the government hunts you down. If you want to run through an established setting or game with you replacing the main character - whether that's Luke Skywalker or Gordon Freeman - that's an option too. I'm also happy to have a character that was submitted to a different game, see what we can do with them!

I am happy across the range of characters, from a low level underdog trying to make their way in the world to a epic god of war destroying everyone in their path, to everything in between. I enjoy including 'mundane' scenes and elements into my games, adding to the realism and giving the characters a semblance of a normal life. And while in no way required, I also enjoy some romance and smut interlaced into the game, if you are also inclined.

Game systems I'm most proficient in/prefer:
Dungeons and Dragons 5e (I know 3.5 and 4e, but it's been too long and 5e has overridden my memory)
Star Wars SAGA Edition
Mutants and Masterminds 2e and 3e

Other Systems I have, which may require me to refresh my memory:
d20 Modern
CODA Star Trek (Decipher)
Scion 1e
Buffy Unisystem
I have access to various New World of Darkness including God Machine and 2e, which I am somewhat proficient in.