• This game is under the Horror & Drama genres.
  • The game system is World of Darkness.
  • This game contains adult content.
[OWoD20] Being Loved

"Are we sitting comfortably? Good.

 Welcome, Citizens of Autton, to this PSA!

 Children, look around the room. Look at your father. Doesn't he make you feel safe? He also likes to read the newspaper and relax after a hard day of work. He provides for your family and for the city. Your father is loved.

 And then, look at your mother. Doesn't she make wonderful meals? She also cleans the house and reads you bedtime stories. She provides for your family and for the city. Your mother is loved.

 Now, Look at yourselves. You're young, you laugh and play. You may scrape your knees and get into playful mischief with your friends from time to time. One day, children, you will grow up to be just like one of your parents and you will build a family of your own. One day, you will be loved.

 Now finally, look outside at your lovely neighbors. All of them are kind, and calm and provide for the community. They are loved.

 But alas, children, not everyone is loved. Some are unloved. Unloved people are not kind, they are not charitable, they do not respect others in the community. We don't want anyone unloved, do we, children? We take the unloved away so that you, and your friends, and your neighbors, and your family can stay loved. Remember that, children.

And this concludes today's PSA, Citizens of Autton, and children, like your parents, and their parents before them, always remember to stay loved."