• This game is under the Fantasy, Contemporary & Intrigue genres.
  • The game system is Pokemon Tabletop United 1.05.
[PTU] Pokemon University

Dear Letter Recipient,

 I am delighted to inform you that the Committee on Admissions as admitted you to Pokemon University as part of the upcoming class. Please accept my personal congratulations for your outstanding achievements.

 As you surely know, Pokemon University is world-renown for training and teaching the brightest and most skilled minds, preparing them for their future endeavors as Gym Leaders, Pokemon Breeders, Pokemon Nurses, and Pokemon Professors. We are most excited to be able to extend this possibility to you!

 Please confirm registration no later than 30 days prior to semester start in order to confirm housing and class details. We have come to expect great things from our students in the past and we have no doubts that you will be a most welcome addition!