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Welcome to Land of Lost Souls

22:50, 24th February 2024 (GMT+0)

Land of Lost Souls

For centuries,  stories have been told about nocturnal creatures that owned the night.  Those that drank the blood of innocents to survive, men that are slaves to the moon, angels that tried to keep order, and demons that enjoyed coming from the pits of hell to play.  They were told around campfires, at bedtime to frighten children, in print and movies for souls that take joy in the horror.

What mundane humans do not realize is, to some extent, all the legends are true. The shadowed predators walk among them, both in the night and during the day, posing as regular humans in well-pressed suits, bearing enticing smiles.

Some cities are more populated by the supernatural than others. This is the case with New Orleans, Louisiana. The nightlife on Bourban Street calls to those that can no longer feel the sun on their face, the French Quarter's beautiful ironwork is comforting to those that have been around long enough to see it new, and the cemeteries beckon those that are linked to magic and medians.

But recently, a new monster begins to stir. Something that is causing unrest to the supernatural world and making ripples in what has been calm waters.  Those that helped build New Orleans are returning, hoping that they can save their beloved city before this rising threat burns it to the ground.

Will they succeed? Or will the new threat manage to overrun everything the current population has worked to build and control?