• This game is under the Fantasy, Superhuman & Contemporary genres.
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    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
[B2E] Setting
Premise: In the fall of the new school year, something extraordinary happened in the small town of Middlepoint, Colorado. A number of individuals, all between the ages of twelve and sixteen spontaneously awakened to incredible powers, bewildering not just the town and their peers, but the entire world as well. Not even the brightest scientific minds could explain this phenomena, at least no more than the religiously devout who saw only portents of the divine.

But the explanation was stranger than imagined, for instead of cosmic radiation or genetic tampering, the source of their miraculous powers were enigmatic extradimensional entities seeking safety within the minds and souls of children, teenagers, and forging a symbiotic relationship with their new hosts. For they were refugees from an implacable Enemy in an ancient war.

An Enemy who has hunted them across the cosmos, across dimensions, leaving them no place to turn. An Enemy with mighty weapons and vast armies at their disposal. An Enemy with a relentless will to see the refugees destroyed to the last being.

But the entities were not powerless in their war against the Enemy, for they offer their hosts powers beyond normal human ability. And they will need these powers in the coming war, for the Enemy has followed them to Earth...

Notes: Characters should be aged in their early to mid teens (ages 12-16).

This game turns the premise of Animorphs almost completely on its head. There you have two factions, one a technologically advanced, shapeshifting race of aliens; the other a race of parasitic mind control slugs. So here instead you have a species of formless beings forging a symbiotic relationship with human teens.

System: I am more interested in characters and story than in system mechanics. As such, while this game uses Fate Accelerated Edition and some tweaks from the Dresden Files Accelerated ruleset, the fiction will often triumph over mechanics. I will always go the path that makes for a better story.