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Welcome to Cape Haven Chronicles

06:26, 20th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Cape Haven Chronicles

"I'd like to thank you all for coming here. Some of you might not know each other, but you probably know me. People call me Black Steel. I've invited you all here for two reasons. The first is because you all show promise to become the heroes this city desperately needs. The second is because I'm dying, and I won't be around for much longer..."

Sitting on the Atlantic coast of the Southeastern United states is the city of Cape Haven. It’s a city with history, a city of notoriety. It’s a place where corruption runs rampant, city politics is a pay to play game, the rich flourish while the poor flounder, organized crime pulls strings behind the scenes, and gangs run the streets. A few years back, a lone vigilante emerged to offer the city's people a ray of hope in fighting back against the crime and corruption that plagued it. Now, he is asking you to join his crusade to save his city...

Cape Haven: We Can Be Heroes is a game heavily inspired by the TV show Gotham, Batman: The Animated Series, and the first few seasons of Arrow. Players will be caped crusaders or low powered metahumans (think Arrow's Dinah Drake, Legends of Tomorrow's Vixen, or Gotham’s Fish Mooney more than The Flash's Barry Allen or Supergirl’s Kara Zor-El) who are just starting out in their career, but still have ample room to grow. It is a game where organized crime and street gangs can be a deadly threat, and the good guys can still be dropped by a goon with a well-timed vase to the head.