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  • The game system is Godbound.
  • This game contains mature content.
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    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Can You Hear the Planet's Cry?

The 5th Tier: Basalt Row, Medical Mechanika Free Clinic

Their first move had been to cut off the power. In Bascule everything was powered by the Anima Engines that were connected to each Tier. The largest Tiers had around five, while smaller Tiers only had two or one. The 5th Tier had four, and shutting it down meant a third of the population was now without magick. Soon the angry cries of civilians could be heard in the background of the city. Their running water, their heating and cooling, their entertainment scryers, all gone in an instant.

Dr. Eitri Draupnir chuckled as he listened through the thin walls of his clinic as the populace grew agitated at such a minor inconvenience. Soon their numb worlds of instant gratification would come to an end. The light of several small candles kept his office from going pitch black, as the Ars Magus that once kept it bright as day powered down. He continued to make preparations for the Black Guards who were no doubt about to knock the door to his clinic down.

Even though Bascule's power grid was controlled by a Municipal Council to ensure power was equally distributed, they had been willing to cut of the power supply to get to him. The city would likely be forced to pay out dividends to the many citizens of the 5th Tier. They weren't the same as the rabble who lived below the 6th Tier. They were Middle-Class citizens who had just as many rights as the elites sitting in luxury on the 1st Tier. Dr Eitri knew it would be small price to pay to get to him. Using his credentials as an employee of Medical Mechanika to get his fellow Scions into the Archeron Well. In order to do this, he had been forced to put his name forth, and it didn't take long before Black Guard came after him. They wouldn't be stopped once they gave their orders to the 5th Tier's representative.

Medical Mechanika controlled everything in Bascule.

He had just finished his preparations when he heard the door to his Clinic slam open, and the footsteps of multiple boots clamored forth. He had kept the Clinic closed for the day. It pained him to know his regulars wouldn't be getting their treatments for at least a week. It would take awhile to find his replacement, running the Free Clinic was not exactly a desirable job in the company. The colonists of Bascule increasingly relied on Medical Mechanika's charity in order to survive as the economic boom in Bascule began to flatline. Company men like Eitri had lived on exploiting the masses. Letting them work day in and day out to scrape even the smallest amount of profit. It wasn't until Eitri had made a mistake, and been forced to care for a group of slaves infected by the Blight. At first he had been as indifferent as anyone from the 1st Tier. These weren't people, just a collection of criminals and demi-humans. Attempting to save as many as he could exposed him to their troubles, and over the course of a year, he realized how blind he had been. Afterwards he couldn't go back, he asked to be assigned to this Clinic, and the other Administrators were all too happy to have him out of the running for promotions.

Finally the door to his office busted open. The light of the Black Guard's Armiger weapons startled his eyes as two large humans in armor charged through, and took flanking positions on him in the corner of the room. When his eyes had adjusted to the new source of light, his mind went blank as a third intruder entered the room.

The sound of her metallic legs hitting the hardwood floors filled his office. She was wearing an Administrator's Uniform, similar to his own, but with a division badge he did not recognize. Her powdered wig denoted her as an elite from the 1st Tier, a fashion statement that exuded wealth and power to the common folk of Bascule. The thing that gave Eitri pause was the light in her eyes. His dwarven senses were more sensitive to the aura of magick in the world. It had allowed his people to first experiment with Runecraft, and later expand the power of the Ars Magus technology created by Humans. His eyes could see Anima Fields in the air. The one around this women, and those glowing eyes shook him to the core.

"So this is the fruit of the Ascension Project?" Eitri spoke softly. His hand shaking at the implications before him.

"Dr. Eitri Draupnir, you have been found guilty of breaching your contract with Medical Mechanika. You will be taken into custody to be questioned by the investigation committee. Be aware we are authorized to use lethal force if you try to resist." The Iron Lady spoke in a clipped, mechanical tone. It was cold and detached, almost as if spoken by an Automata.

"If I come with you, they'll be able to use Truth Armigers to get everything from me fairly quickly." Eitri quickly regained his composure. He hadn't expected this creature of flesh fused with Magitech. But he knew what his job was to do here today. The Scions had lent them some of their power. A small taste of the Planet's Rage.

"Your compliance is not required, Doctor."

No he supposed it wasn't. With one last look around the office that had become his life's work in these last few years, he made peace with his choice. The world was dying, and without sacrifices like his, everyone could perish in the coming disaster.

With a twist of the device in his hand, the building that had been the only place he could call home in the New World was engulfed in a sphere of energy and heat. The explosion rocked the 5th Tier, taking out several buildings around the Clinic. It was the first shot, in a war against Medical Mechanika, and anyone who supported the extraction of Anima.

A mile below the blast site, a group of Scions prepared to take the second shot against Medical Mechanika. As they rode a train heading toward the Acheron Well.

Intro Theme: Apocalyptica - Path