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Woodland Warriors
'Tis a matter of record that the events of 1152 were tumultuous, with a great deal of confusion caused by the vile Rat Lord, Glorbane and his evil plots.  But it all began with a band of Abbey servants delivering a payment of honey and cheese to the quarry at Stormhollow. After all, the Abbey had to pay for the repairs to the walls somehow, following Glorbane's first siege. Who knew that such a simple thing as paying one's bills would lead to such a chainn of circumstance!
 - The Chronicles of Stonewell Abbey

The Abbey was founded by Abbess Ariella about 150 years ago. It was built on the ruins of an old fort, believed to be hundreds of years old. The fort had long since fallen to the ravages of the elements but was the base for a small band of rat bandits that was driven off by Ariella and her followers. There are rumours that there were tunnels or dungeons underneath the building that Ariella had sealed up before the building of the Abbey began. All that was kept of the old fort was the impressive stone well, after which the Abbey was named.

There are regular incursions from Vermin into the Alder Vale and so the creatures of the area need to have somewhere to go to feel safe at these times. Stonewell Abbey is mostly a place of spiritual peace and tranquillity; however it is also a protective fortress with strong defensive walls and a force of warriors and friars that are trained to defend the Abbey as needed.