• This game has been marked for deletion.
Treachery, Intrigue and a Precarious Masquerade
The natural beauty and European charm of Quebec City hides many dark secrets. One of the oldest settlements in North America, it also contains one of the most entrenched and treacherous courts of the damned in the entire hemisphere.  Nursing centuries-old grudges, the city's kindred connive and scheme to advance their own interests and destroy those of their opponents.  The unsuspecting kine have long been used as pawns in an unseen power struggle, blissfully unaware of the danger at their very doorsteps.  Although this never-ending conflict has always risked attracting unwanted mortal attention, recent attacks have become particularly blatant.  In an age where every kine is ready to post a photo or video to social media in real-time, the probability of finally exposing the masquerade has become all but certain. The prince and his court are either too out of touch to perceive the danger or so ineffectual that they couldn't prevent the inevitable if they tried.

A small coterie of younger kindred must finally take action to uncover the treachery, restore order and preserve the masquerade at any cost.


This will be a nWoD/CoD Vampire: The Requiem campaign for 1 to 3 players with an adult rating and adult content.  Expected posting rate is 4 times per week, minimum.

Please RTJ with a character concept and short writing sample (no character sheets at this time). I'll take applications until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, May 12th.

Feel free to IM me with any questions.