• This game is under the Fantasy & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is RUNEQUEST GLORANTHA.
Pavis the rebellion starts
Pavis appears ahead, the green of farms in this arid chaparel. You see the shiny new city highlighted against the largest ruined city imaginable.

As you trudge or ride from your homeland you know opportunity is ahead. As you grow nearer you watch the farmers growing food just like home. Heading towards the gate, you see the street urchins and the beggars line the way.

Obviously not all succeed in this wild town. The shining weapons of the Lunar soldiers guard the enterance into new Pavis. A mousy little scribe with his ink stained fingers stops you.

"Welcome to new Pavis, may the red moon shine on you. Before entering you must register. I know you have heard of the wild adventures and loot to be found in The Big Rubble. We applaud your enterprising attitudes, but peace will be maintained.

All weapons must be sheethed, no metal armor is to be worn in the city. The rebellious Orlanthi will be watched. No funny stuff allowed. Lethal force is forbidden. Striking a Lunar soldier is a capital offense. You may claim your possessions on our forms so they can be returned to your families if you die.

There is a 10% tax on loot from the Rubble. If you do not claim it you will be taxed on it when you return. You may enter and return through gates you register as adventurers. Exiting out of a non registered gate is forbidden until you paperwork is brought by couriers from your registered gate.

Enjoy your stay in beautiful New Pavis. Over here for the forms help will be given in case you cannot read or write. This message will be given in Sartarite, Lunar, Praxian and tradetalk.