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23:16, 22nd July 2024 (GMT+0)

Corsairs of Drinax

The Corsairs of Drinax are Travellers that are given a letter of marque by the King of Drinax and ordered to cut a swathe across the Trojan Reach. The Travellers must therefore be adventurous, hardy spacefarers. They do not have to be blood-thirsty rogues – they could be, but they could also be loyal warriors of Drinax, or Travellers seeking employment, or adventurers with a grudge against the Imperium or the Hierate or both. As long as they have the daring and the skill to fulfill King Oleb’s mad dream, they will be offered a place on board ship.

• Go privateering across the Trojan Reach
• Disrupt trade between the Imperium and the Aslan Hierate
• Establish alliances with independent worlds and factions
• Make your fortunes and rebuild the Kingdom of Drinax!