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00:09, 18th June 2024 (GMT+0)

Marvels & Miscreants

There has always been a need for heroes.

From the terrors of the Second World War to the complexities of modern times, our world has needed protection. Sometimes the threats were obvious, and sometimes they are harder to identify. However, the heroes should always be clear. Will you be one of them?

The story begins in the Golden Age. When the Nazis loosed warfare on the world, good people stood up to fight them. Some of them wore masks and costumes, serving as symbols as well as champions.

In time, the world will change. Will those heroes change with it, or doff their cowls? As new generations arise, will new heroes take up the torch?

This game will take a group of players through the different 'ages' of comic books. Beginning in the Golden age, moving through the Silver and Bronze ages of comic books, and finally ending in the Modern age. As each age dawns, the players may choose how their character progresses. This may include retirement for a new character, a new person donning the same mask, or changing the character to represent age and other factors.