• This game has been marked for deletion.
Necromunda - Gang Wars
In the grim bowels of the hives of Necromunda, fortunes can change in an instant. One second your top of the gang heap, the next you're fleeing through pitch black tunnels trying to patch your broken body back together long enough to reach safety.

You were once a member of one of the top dogs of the underhive in Acropolis and the great houses had reached an uneasy cease fire with one another. While skirmishes would occasionally break out and mutant or chaos cults to purge overall life was the best it could possibly be for a ganger in the dark depths of Necromunda. The name of your gang struck fear in the hearts of allies and rivals alike and you were a rising star on track for gang leadership one day.

Then fortune changed with a single rumble from deep within your territory. For whatever reason the fates decided to open up a long forgotten passage leading to an archeotech vault. Word spread quickly and suddenly the tenative peace was shattered. First the scouts of the different houses started skirmishing as they tried to evaluate what had been unlocked and how many credits the up-hive Guilders would pay for it. Then came the full out gang wars. The bloodshed and chaos attracted Outlaw gangs like Chaos cults and cannibalistic Corpse Grinders.

Then worse horrors started arriving. Woken from the depths by the constant rumble of battles came the mutants and horror beasts from the depths. The Enforcers were deployed to try to restore peace as industry and mining for the whole sector were being disrupted by the massive gang war. Then when things only escalated, the Spyerers came hunting. Armed with cutting edge warframes they descended on the battlefield decimating gangs and taking hundreds of skulls as trophies. They were specifically targeting leaders and your gang leadership wasn't spared their touch as you saw your leader's head ripped clean off their body by a hulking Spyer Hunter. All you could do was flee.

Luckily unknown to many, the massive battlefield centered around the Archeotech Vaullt had masked other discoveries in the weeks since. Some dome runners had discovered a passage that would lead not just to a deeper part of the hive, but one that had been cut off from a lot of the surrounding gang warfare for years. Virgin territory ripe for the taking! Taking a few loyalists along with you, you were able to escape the Hunters and navigate the treacherous passageways to breach this new sector. Now you're in charge and if you can stake your claim before anyone else gets a foothold, you can become the top dog that makes the weak run and the brave quake.

Gear up, chummer, it's time to conquer the hive!