• This game is under the Supernatural, Apocalyptic & Survival genres.
  • The game system is Call of Cthulhu 7e.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
The Reaping: The Stars are Right!
In early April 1945, with the Soviets nearly at the gates of Berlin, German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler orders loyal SS officers and commandos to begin evacuating concentration camps and bringing the prisoners to the German heartland. Over one-hundred thousand prisoners were forced into boats, onto trains, and onto long death marches to bring them to their final destination, a newly constructed camp outside of the ruins of Dresden. Many died along the way. Eventually, all of the prisoners were herded into one massive 5x5 km pen, in preparation for something referred to by German high command as “Das große Erwachen” – the Great Awakening.

Lead by a Nazi occultist and madman by the name of Werner von Grottische, the Germans engaged in an ancient ritual discovered in a scroll recovered by the Afrikakorps before their untimely defeat. Using the thousands of prisoners as sacrifices, literal human batteries to fuel their blasphemous rites, they attempted to reawaken something that was referred to as “the greatest power on Earth.” They believed that by releasing this ancient beast, it would reward them and/or cripple the Allied nations, giving the Germans time to regroup and drive back their enemies. Little did they know, the German Reich was doomed, and now, the rest of the world was doomed along with them, for their ritual met with terrible success.

The Stars had been Right since the late 1920s, when a group of investigators failed to stop a cultist plot. However, contrary to what most thought, this did not awaken Dread Cthulhu. It merely provided the firewood – a match was still needed to light the fire. The Nazi’s foolish ritual at Dresden was the match. Monstrous R’lyeh rose from below the waves of the Pacific, and the human race went to Hell. The ritual completed on April 20th, 1945 – the Fuhrer’s birthday. The Allied advance continued for two days more before it suddenly became very clear to the world that something had gone horribly wrong.

Soon, Deep Ones began to swarm over every shore and coastline. Japan and England were almost completely overrun in weeks. The navies of the world were ineffective against the terrors from the deep, with submarines being particularly doomed. The populace of New Zealand, being so near to R’lyeh, was driven mad and exterminated within a week. Australia was doomed as the Flying Polyps finally broke free of their ancient subterranean prisons and spread death and destruction of the nation. The Germans who had participated in the ritual were all driven incurably insane and became something other than human. Sources suggest that this had been von Grottische’s intent all along. The remain German forces were annihilated by the newly freed Cyaegha. By the end of April, the world was on the brink of collapse.

But humanity was not yet ready to die. In the United States, the National Guard was mobilized, and along with the Coast Guard, and armed citizens, fought a desperate and bloody defense of their shore lines. The Red Army, besieged on all sides by inhuman beasts, soon forgot the Germans and began a slowly, grinding retreat back to the Motherland. Polish and French Freedom fighters, already horribly outgunned against the Germans and now faced with an even more daunting threat, bravely fought a short, determined war against the forces of the Mythos. The fanatical resistance put up by Japanese defenders and the use of WWI-era chemical weapons by the British kept their respective islands from falling right away. The Chinese turned their guns towards Southeast Asia, where the monstrous Tcho-Tcho people began to pour from and devastate those who they came across. The world was on fire. But unlike what the cultists of the 1920s had thought, that fire was not merely a short-lived spark.

In August of 1945, the world’s first atomic bomb was dropped on R’lyeh. The legions of deep ones retreated, and the cultist activity quieted down. Humanity, with bated breath, watched and waited, and dared hope that victory had been achieved. It had not. When next the Deep Ones attacked, it was with Shoggoth and Star Spawn allies. Cthulhoid behemoths came in droves, immune to all but the greatest of firepower. Cthulhu’s minions fell by the hundred, but came streaming in by the thousand all the same. This was the beginning of the end. England fell not long after that due to a variety of Old Ones which had apparently called Severn Valley their home. The Red Army attempted to fight to the last man, but madness and horror eventually turned the remaining thousands against one another, with Stalin himself reportedly torn to shreds and consumed by his own bodyguards. Soviet resistance in Siberia and the caucuses slowly simmered out, starvation taking the highest toll. Hitler committed suicide shortly after Cyaegha’s release. The battered Wehrmacht and Volksturm units were obliterated within a month.

The last bastions of humanity turned their eyes to the United States, who was slowly and surely losing ground. A second atom bomb was used on Arkham, Massachussetts where an unusually large amount of mythos activity had been going on ever since it fell to the invaders. The president and most of the federal government moved from the doomed city of Washington, DC to Denver, Colorado. A line of bunkers and fortress was built along the Mississippi to slow the advance of the Old Ones. Pitched battles at all the major cities on the coasts were long and grueling, inhuman horrors stalking from building to building, room to room, assaulting desperate, horrified defenders. The entire country became one huge Stalingrad. Weapons, planes, and tanks were churned out by the millions. Refugees who managed to make it to the States were immediately armed and trained. “Every citizen a soldier!” rang from the lips of every news broadcast. It was all for naught.

By the beginning of 1947, all organized resistance had been annihilated. No more free countries or functioning governments remained. The world reeked of death, decay, desperation, and madness. Not a single inch of Earth had gone undefiled by the foul, corrupting forces of the mythos. It was a burned-out shell of its former self. The carnage of the Second World War was nothing compared to the carnage of the War of Human Resistance. It is estimated that roughly 45% of the human population of the globe was killed off, with a further 45% or 50% being driven incurably insane by the depraved horrors which unleashed themselves upon the world. The last dregs of humanity learned to live in fear, to survive alone or in small groups. Cults began the task of converting or exterminating these last survivors.

The seas, islands, and coasts of the world are the Dominion of Cthulhu and his subjects. The forests and jungles are stalked by Shub-Niggurath and her ilk, as well as other, lesser terrors. Australia is ruled over by the bestial Flying Polyps, and not even Star-Spawn dare tread there. Antarctica swarms with Shoggoths. Canada, Greenland, and most of Russia are the domain of Ithaqua and the monstrous Gnoph-Keh. Rhan-Tegoth, technically the first to awaken of the Great Old Ones, has returned to its kingdom in Alaska. The Tcho-Tcho roam most of Asia, serving their dread gods with gusto and committing depraved atrocities on all whom they find. All manner of lesser god and beast stalk through Africa, the Middle East, and South America, as well as the American heartlands. Germany and its surrounding lands are still ruled by Cyaegha. England is currently a battleground between Eihort, Gla’aki, Byatis, Y’Golonac, and the Green God. Cults continue to spread a gospel of madness and death across the world, rejoicing in their own insignificance among their deities. Shudde-M’ell and the Cthonians control much of the African desert. Hastur riddles the globe with his obscene worship. Leng is as cursed and desolate as it has always been.

That was 22 years ago. Today is January 17th, 1969. Humanity continues to hang by a thread, with the small birthrate of the surviving humans being effectively negated by the amount of humans that are killed or driven insane on a daily basis. Technological progress has ground to a halt. The world is still in ruins. The Great Old Ones walk among us, reveling in their hellish paradise. They laugh at the smashed monuments and trampled remains of the “great” human society. They knew that in the cosmic game of life, humanity had not even been a contender.

Still, there are those who survive. Some crave vengeance, and rage against the infernal machinations of those who had taken everything. These bold, foolish few take the fight to the Mythos Menace, and strike for death or glory. Some seek knowledge – not the knowledge of the Before-Times, but knowledge even older than that. Arcane, forgotten knowledge, the kind which may have even a slight chance of undoing the horror of the Reaping. Others still simply struggle to stay alive for no other reason than they want to. They reject the depression and failure that surrounds them, and laugh in the face of the Old Ones simply by living each day. And finally, there are those who believe in rumors and legends of a safe haven, a last, untouched bastion of humanity – a place of dreams called “The Orchard.” This last group is laughed at by the more practical and demented denizens of the world, and yet, undiscouraged, they continue their search to the ends of the Earth.

And so, here you are. One of the unlucky few who survives in the hellish nightmare. And why? What drives you to keep living? What keeps you from ending it all? Or worse yet, joining the revelry of those unholy cults? What is your story? And perhaps, most important of all, how will it end?