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  • The game system is Godbound.
  • This game contains mature content.
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Final Fantasy: Emissaries of the Gods

Temperantia: The Jacole Shore
"So this is the destructive power of an Eidolon. Maybe we can win this war..."

The cup of coffee in Alain's hand shook uncontrollable as he brought it close to his face. A few splashes of searing hot liquid hit his face before he got it to his mouth. He took a long drag, unaware of how much it burnt the inside of his mouth. He felt numb and empty, ever since they dragged him from the battlefield several hours ago.

Had he been in the right state of mind, he might complain about brown sludge the Guardian Forces tried to pass off as coffee. Perhaps he would have told the nurse that he wasn't just mana depleted, he couldn't feel his right arm anymore. Over exertion of Magick could fray the nerves of extremities, the process could be permanent and could become quite a problem when the phantom pain set in. He had met older Black Mages who had the symptoms, many forced to regularly take pain medication.

He wanted to ask for medication, not for the pain. He desired the black dreamless sleep he knew the drugs would bring. Anything to stop his mind from wandering to the events that had just unfolded.

"Your Grace, the High Council is ready to speak to you. If you could please follow me." The high pitched voice of a young Cadet broke him from his daze. He looked up quickly, and stared intently at the young man who appeared startled by Alain's face.

The boy couldn't be older than thirteen, and his features were of someone from Iustitia. Blonde hair, and emerald green eyes. Alain guessed he was likely a refugee from the Imperial Occupation. To think the Guardian Forces would send someone this young so close to the frontlines. The idea that someone this young could have been on the battlefield almost made Alain sick.

"Your Grace?" The boy questions, worry evident in his voice.

"No, I'm fine. Just tired." He sat his cup on the chair he had been sitting on and wiped his face. He tried to put on a small smile, but his face just wouldn't comply. He decided to just nod instead, motioning for the Cadet to lead the way.

As they walked through the Forward Camp of the Guardian Forces, he saw fresh recruits running midday drills. The cloudless skies of the Gaza Plains were beautiful this time of year, and the cool breeze of early spring caused the tall grass to sway back and forth. The Coastline had been this beautiful as well, Temperantia being one of the most scenic Kingdoms on Gaia.

That beauty would't last long if this war continued to drag on.

Alain scratched at his head, his long hair growing wild and unkempt on the Frontlines. Deep in his brown hair he felt the stumps of the horns he'd had filed down, and it brought an unwanted an old memory.

"You know you should probably shave those horns down Al." Jocasta smirked as they walked through the streets of Narshe, Temperantia's capital city along the southern coast. He bubbly steps bringing her in front of him as she gave him a cheesy smile.

"Are you insane? They aren't just head ornaments you know? They are what allow me to commune with the Gods!" Alain raised both his hands his two horns as if to emphasis their importance.

Jocasta simply laughed and grabbed one of his horns with her quick hands. Pulling him closer so she could speak quietly, she seemed unaware of the blush now creeping on Alain's face.

"Yeah I know, but I heard the Imp's focus on you guys. Those horns make you stick out like a sore thumb, and it wouldn't take much for a Gunmage to snipe you from afar." She let go of him and gave him a serious look with those amber eyes of hers. "You're the squads ace in the hole, so if you get taken out early things could really hit the fan!"

The memory of her shaking her finger at him like a scolding older sister should have brought a smile to his face, but Jocasta hadn't made it past the first month on tour. That Gunmage she had warned him about had gotten her, when she jumped in front of a shot meant for him. No White Magic could heal a shot straight through the heart, and before Alain had been able to turn her body over she was dead. Her beautiful golden eyes, had been open with shock, the mischievous glint they always held gone in the empty gaze. Afterwards, he drank himself into oblivion. He had gone to the camp barber, and 3 hours later the horns he had always been proud of were now safely hidden below his hairline.

"Your Grace, they will see you now." The Cadet proclaimed as he brought him into Council Chamber.

"His Grace, Alain Branford of Prudentia, Private 1st Class!" A Herald bellowed to the five Generals seated behind a large Whitewood desk. In front of them a chair behind a small desk stood waiting for them. Alain looked around the room before taking his seat. The Council Chamber was all white marble illuminated by a open sky roof. Magic likely kept weather and insects out, as well as protected it from some sudden attack.

"Please sit down Private Alain. We were just going over your performance during yesterdays battle." The General from Temperantia spoke first. Being it was her homeland under attack, it was fitting that she acted as the first among equals on the High Council.

'Performance? Is that what they are calling it. The Hell?!?'

Alain frowned, but did not speak, instead looked over the notes on the desk in front of him. His eyes caught a few things quickly, the word 'DISCHARGED' on one of them putting him back at ease.

"It is with a heavy heart, that we must acknowledge that the Battle of Jacole Shore was a Pyrrhic victory. We lost more than half soldiers, as well as the Village of Jacole. We believe the Empire wanted to remove one of our natural ports from the equation, and in that they likely succeeded. It will take us years to rebuild the settlement, and suffice to say the loss of life could never be recovered."

Alain had been apart of the evacuation efforts, but he knew that many of the civilians hadn't been able to make it out before the Imperial Airship arrived. When the battle began there was no way to get the people to safety, they simply had to take shelter in the cellars and barns that littered the rural town. When Bahamut went wild, those shelters became prisons as the power of Mega-Flare incinerated everything it touched.

"But despite that setback, we on the High Council still consider the Battle of the Jacole Shore a major victory!" Her commanding voice broke Alain out of his memory, and as he watched the other Generals nod in agreement, his eyes went wide with astonishment.

"Your actions changed the entire outcome of the battle Private Alain. Not only did you wipe out the entire Imperial force sent to take Jacole, you destroyed a Gagazet-Class Airship! What you did today may have turned the tide in this war. If the Empire takes the information they learned from this battle, and acts more cautiously... You may have just bought us the time needed to make a counter attack."

He had to be hearing things. This was impossible. They were acting as if he was a hero or something.

"For your service to the Guardian Forces, we are promoting you to the rank of Captain. You will be given three months of shore leave, which will begin after you report back to High Command in Narshe. The Queen wants to hold a ceremony in your honor, and you will be awarded with the Phoenix Pendent. The highest honor of Temperantia." She and the other Generals began to clap softly.

Alain stared at his desk in horror. They couldn't possibly...they couldn't really..

His fists slamming into the desk caused the room to silence immediately. With tear stained eyes, Alain looked up at the Generals with anger and resentment.

"What the hell are you talking about? I thought you brought me here for a court martial! Promotion!? Awards!?! What the hell is this?" As he spoke he rose to his feet and pushed the desk away.

"Captain, please restrain yourself!" The General barked, but she didn't have to as the Sergeant-at-Arms quickly placed Alain in an arm lock, holding him back.

"How can you reward me for what I did?!? I killed more of our soldiers then the enemy!!!" Alain screamed as the Sergeant pulled him back, attempting to remove him from the room. The Generals, some of them at least, had the decency to look ashamed at his words. Before he could be taken away, the General of Temperantia spoke.

"Be that as it may. The destructive power of the Eidolons you showed today was worth the losses. We now have a means to end this war. Please, take some time off. We will notify the Queen that you were too injured return to the Capital." As she spoke she slowly stepped forward. Alain began to calm down, but the Sergeant-at-Arms held him tightly still.

"Please, take some time for yourself. Return home, and remember what it is you...what we all are fighting for."

Intro Theme: Vague Hope