• This game is under the Fantasy, Action/Adventure & Eastern genres.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 5e.
Dusara: The Three-Tiered City
In the southern jungles of Kush, built high on the cliffs looming over the Kaymat river, the great, ancient city of Dusara sits on it's mountaintop, thriving with life and trade.
In the Upper City the high-and-mighty nobles of the Sinhasan caste lounge in their estates, reveling in their riches and luxury, whilst the powerful Parthans pray in the vast temple, burn their incense, and plot. Nearby, the students of the academy go about their Arcane business: scribing spells onto velum scrolls, mixing up powerful potions and delving deep into the lore and mechanics of magic.
Meanwhile, in the Lower City, the Televara of the city watch are fight an endless guerrilla war against the myriad gangs inhabiting the streets. Powerful gang-lords and the up-and-coming merchants of the Vikri caste rub shoulders in the street bazaars, as the Seta toil to bring their produce to their landlords before their rent is due. In the back-streets and sewers, the despised Kacora try to eke a bare living, desperately avoiding the eyes, feet, fists and blades of their superiors.
Beyond the walls and below the cliffs, the slums of the Outer City spread out into the nearby farmland. Here, the lower Vikri and the Seta bicker and bargain, arguing about the quality of goods, the frequency of rain and the ever-changing whims of the market. Here, the Kacora live more freely, but die more freely too. Here building a home for your caste-less family might be overlooked, but here too, the burning of said home would likewise go unmentioned.
And then there is the mountain itself. Riddled with a million tunnels: homes, shrines, store-rooms, hiding places. And tombs. Thousands of tombs, holding many thousands of dead, most of whom do not rest easily. As long as this place has been inhabited, the dead have been laid in barrows in the cliff-faces, and much treasure lies within, for those brave enough to seek it. And beyond all the carved tunnels, beyond even the oldest tombs, deep in the heart of the mountain, there are caves far older than even the ancient city above. Caves inhabited by things that have never seen the light, and don't need to. Things, perhaps, that might remember what it was like before the walls were built on the cliffs above. Things, perhaps, that resent the city's very existence.

But there's no need to worry about those, right? We're all just here to make some gold.