• This game has been marked for deletion.
Slaying by the Book
It's been seven months since Buffy and the Scooby Gang closed the Hellmouth in Sunnydale and turned the town into a sink hole. Now with Sunnydale Crater behind them, our intrepid heroes have set their sights on Cleveland, OH. Giles says there's a Hellmouth there and so that should be their destination. Buffy and the baby slayers though start to feel a pull not towards Cleveland, but towards the city by the bay instead. Giles can think of no reason why the Slayers are feeling this calling, but he's not opposed to stopping by San Francisco to see if they can figure out why the Slayers are being called there. When the Scooby Gang and the baby Slayers get to the city by the bay, they'll find something that will change their lives forever.

But what about Frisco's indigenous protectors...the Charmed Ones? After destroying the Source, Zankou and the Triad for the second time, the Charmed Ones thought they were done with demons until their children would take up the fight. But the Charmed Ones have never faced demons like this before. These demons turned out to be not so easily vanquished as the ones the Charmed Ones were used to facing.