• This game is under the Historical & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Beat to Quarters.
Hearts of Oak
In the memory of Grimmond
The First Lord of the Admiralty

Grimmond was a Navy man, an aviator, a pyrotechnician and a civil engineer, not to mention a (naval) history buff and one of the best GMs I have ever had the honour to play with. He lived his life to the fullest despite the illnesses he had, leaving us desolate much too early at the age of 57 years. This game, though most likely a pale comparison to his creations, is dedicated to him.

A toast to absent friends, even if it is not sunday, and fair winds to you my friend I never got to meet face to face.

The Hearts of Oak is a historical Royal Navy game using the Beat to Quarters system. It is set to begin during year 1775 aboard the HMS Blonde, former French Navy Ship La Blonde of 32 guns under the command of Post-Captain Philemon Pownoll. The players will play various members of his crew and meet historical characters during their adventures, also based in the best naval traditions and stories not unlike those of the authorsí C.S. Foresterís Horatio Hornblower, Patrick OíBrienís Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin as well as Dewey Lambdinís Alan Lewrie.