• This game is under the Fantasy, Apocalyptic & Future genres.
  • The game system is free form.
  • This game contains mature content.
The Bargain
The Fae all want different things to satisfy their yearnings and keep them from the mundane.  Death is preferable to becoming a mindless wisp. Some wants are the sickly center of every nightmare and others just little things, like power or love...

The mortals also have wants that put them in the path of danger. The sickly center of every nightmare is wrapped in an elegant package that mortals seem to be hesitant to resist. The fae have made this their bread and butter

Many years ago, the veil began to thin. Human errors like war, pollution, corruption created large unprotected rifts in the "ozone" as they called it. They thought that it was just the aerosol cans that caused the damage.

Out of the vortexes created by the weaknesses, the Dealer came through, ready to bridge the gap between fae needs and human wants. Along with him came destruction in the form of larger, more monstrous fae that wreaked havoc on humanity until just a few hundred thousand were left.

The combined efforts of the Dusk and Dawn courts curbed the destruction as they spread their might through the world and pulled the rest of humanity onto one continent, into one city in what was formerly Louisiana, and the dealer, sly tongued and full of beauty, convinced the humans it was all their fault. With his help, the courts had control over the fae and the humans, all in return that he would be able to continue to deal freely without repercussions from either side. He became a point of parlay for the courts.

The Dealer? Well, he is something beyond the courts. Rumors were that he was actually one of the Hellspawn. Others that he was a proto-being, an entity that predated the courts and recorded time.

What will you do in this new world of Fae and Man? Will you make a deal with a beautiful Devil?