• This game is under the Apocalyptic, Horror & Survival genres.
  • The game system is GURPS.
Zombies (rated: Adult)

A modern day apocalyptic horror survival game that is gritty, realistic and brutal. Similar to Walking Dead except that the zombies are able to run and they are not typical zombies. More like diseased humans with some form of advanced rabies that causes people to become like mindless cannibals. They run, not walk! They also do not seem phased by pain or damage to anywhere but the brain... or the heart. This game the characters start in Detroit, Michigan or adjacent cities not far from it. I want this to be as close to reality as possible, nothing supernatural or unbelievable. However, I do want it to be scary, suspenseful, gritty, etc. There will be all the elements of the real world, especially when all hell breaks loose. What do you think would happen in an apocalypse filled with chaos and anarchy as society breaks down?! Lots of horrific things, all manners of crimes, violence, etc. Consider like the movies Purge except that there is no more effective government and it is not just one night, its from now on, period! Theft, violence, murder, kidnapping, rape, drugs, its all out there. This is far from a safe world and definitely not for the faint of heart or those who are easily offended. If you are easily offended, cannot handle adult content or are under 18 years old please leave now. If you are over 18 years old and this sounds like a game you might be interested in then whip up a character concept and I will let you know if you are accepted or not.

Now, game mechanics. I use the GURPS 4th edition rules system. Characters should be built on 150 points, -75 disads, and -5 quirks. No cinematic stuff allowed, only realistic. So, that includes no weapon master, no regeneration, etc. However, things like Danger Sense, Very Fit, Very Rapid Healing are allowed, Hard to Kill, etc are allowed. I also allow targeted attack skills and off hand training. If you have questions just ask me.