• This game is under the Fantasy, Strategy & Survival genres.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 4.
  • This game contains mature content.
[4th ed DnD] Night of the Forgotten
~ Night of the Forgotten ~

"Sometimes a single act can be so evil it can curse the world, unravelling the future..."
 -- Alexandria Wolfe - 'Zork Nemesis'

* * * * *

Once, in years long past, the Fort of the Golden Isle held a vital place in its part of the world.  A defiant sentry, proudly standing guard over the source of the Kingdom of Evandyr's rich resources, it held firm against the predations of both enemy soldiers and desert raiders alike.
But that was in years long past...

Now, it stands as a pale ghost of its former glory, its once-mighty walls scarred by the shifting sands, its arcane defences inert, its anti-siege weapons idle.
The vital function it once performed is no more, the once-rich mines of the Golden Isle depleted and abandoned, and the tactical position now no longer significant.
Only the weakest of Evandyr's forces stand atop its walls now, soldiers serving out a punishment detail, the less-skilled or insubordinate dregs of the army, condemned to spend their days watching the horizon for an attack that will never come.  In a spirit of cynical defiance of their position, some refer to their role as "the Dust Watch"...
Only the existence of a new settlement inhabiting the abandoned mining village brings any life to this dead place.  A faintly flickering beacon drawing in the weary travellers, the eager merchants, and those who prefer to walk the less-travelled and less-noticed paths of the world for reasons of their own.

Recent events may yet bring the region's attention back to the former Golden Isle however.
In the Empire of Wilderhart far to the east, a notorious Dark Mage named Damion has been captured by a band of mercenaries led by an up-and-coming heroic adventurer of the region.  As the nearest outpost of Evandyr, the Golden Isle Fort has been chosen as the site where the mercenaries will hand over the vile criminal mastermind in exchange for the sizeable bounty posted in Evandyr for his capture.
Destined for an ignominious return to the nation's capital, his former home city, many suspect that Damion's trial there will end only in his execution, for crimes too numerous and disturbing to list here.

But there is more to this dead land than meets the eye.  Strange rumours pass among wanderers and reach the ears of those living in the region.

The countdown to a dark fate has been set in motion, and only the actions of a few brave souls can uncover the deadly truth of this land, and perhaps avert the fatal destiny that awaits everyone on the Golden Isle, and beyond...