• This game is under the Sci-Fi, Supernatural & Horror genres.
  • The game system is Palladium RPG.
Rifts: Nachtbauern
This game is a dark fantasy game, set in a future beset by paranormal beings. Ironically, some of these beings have become the defenders of the world. Feared and despised by most normal humans, they struggle to survive and to fight the true monsters who have taken over the world. In this game, the true monsters (the Nightlords and their minions) have quietly seized control of the government, the police, and the military. The average person does not realize this, however, and lives out his life in a high tech dystopia without suspecting that he or she is nothing more than cattle for evil entities. The supernatural (and those humans who have realized what is truly happening) operate in an ocean of unsuspecting humanity, the masquerade being necessary to prevent being exterminated by the true monsters in charge.

The themes of this world are war and horror. War against the looming evil, and horror from within as well as from without. This game tries to combine heroic and horror role-playing. The players have strange and supernatural powers, but their enemies are just as powerful, if not more so. The player characters are scary and monstrous-looking, but may have more compassion and humanity than some of the humans they meet. Ultimately, they face terrifying foes in the guise of the Nightlords, vampires, demonic entities and, in many cases, their own inner demons, fears and desires. Their struggle promises to be long, and perhaps doomed from the start. Against all odds, they must expose and destroy the evil threatening the world, or at least survive.

The setting is something of a kitchen sink, but is generally based on the Rifts world book of Triax and the NGR along with that of Nightbane, with some significant differences. Also the game is influenced by Judge Dredd, Manhunter, and Shadowrun. I don't expect for the group to leave their small area of the world initially, an older and neglected urban sprawl likely in Eastern Europe. I'd like the game to involve intra-character relationships and character propelled plot with some monster of the week and underground resistance and insurgent war thrown in.

Ideally the game would be a collaborative player driven, almost west marches, game. I am happy to construct much of the setting, and immediate game, however would like the players to come up with some of the major plot arcs. Also Id like for the players to contribute to the world setting if they like.