• This game is under the Fantasy & Superhuman genres.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 5e.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Marvelous Heroes of Greyhawk
It was the strangest of rooms, to mortal eyes. Intricate pillars of obsidian marble lined the outer reaches of the space. There were no walls to speak of. Beyond the pillars lay an endless field of stars stretching into infinity. The domed ceiling of this strange space was a mural of stained glass depicting the globe of a world. Instead of a fixed image though, it shifted and swirled as if it were a live view of the world from the heavens. Between two of the pillars rested a fireplace of white marble, ablaze with golden flames. Facing it were two solitary chairs. One comprised solely of shimmering light. The other, bound leather like the cover of some ancient tome. Between them sat a simple round end table with a stoppered crystal bottle and two crystal glasses.

"His prison is breaking," a concerned voice broke the silence.

It came from a man standing behind the chair made of light. He was an older man, of mildly advanced years. He had hair down to his shoulders as bright and golden as the purest sunlight, with a perfectly groomed short beard to match. The golden haired man was adorned in white robes of the finest silk, white more pristine than the purest freshly fallen snow. His eyes were a soft orange hue and held a faint glow behind them.

"Well, we never expected he'd find allies from realms beyond our reach, did we?" a second voice replied dispassionately.

Another man in his middle years sat peacefully in the leather bound chair. He was in his middle years to look at him, yet his hair was almost as white as the first man's robes. His pale gray eyes regarded everything with a careful, analytical gaze. He was wearing majestic, purple robes with golden runes intricately stitched into it's design. His hands rested gently on a beautiful, ornate staff that lay across his lap.

"No, we did not," the white robed man said with quiet exasperation. "His allies are barely arrived on Oerth and have already made bold moves. Well informed moves, to strike at our greatest hope before they were even aware of the threat."

"It is a good thing that Mordenkainen is such an adept student then. The first battle may be lost but I can feel he already has a plan. To defeat a threat from a realm beyond realms, one needs heroes from a realm beyond realms. I've not felt the level of magics he's weaving in ages. There is little we can do directly, but at the least I can direct his spell to the realm it must reach. After that, we must just hope. Hope, and prepare the others for war should Mordenkainen's heroes fail and Tharizdun's prison break," the second man replied with calm and logical determination.

The concept for this game is for the players to assume the role of heroes from the Marvel universe who have been summoned to Oerth to stop a threat from their universe from unleashing Tharizdun from his prison. It will be using the D&D 5e rules but character creation for the game will be unique. It will be a mutual process between all of the players and the GM to figure out how to recreate established Marvel characters in a way that is balanced alongside the game system. We might use different class features and spells but we won't be using actual classes.