• This game is under the Supernatural, Horror & Survival genres.
  • The game system is FATE.
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Deviants: The Lost [FATE]
Pitch System

Fate Core (Not accelerated), Fate Toolkit, Fate Horror

Allowed Resources:
Fate-srd.com (is allowed but certain books listed above can be used everything else is excluded)

Players should be creative within the guidelines provided in the details section of this pitch.

The World

As Defined:

The players are part of the Deviants. They are normal humans who had an encounter with a supernatural creature that has put a blight on their soul. While it has blighted players when our story starts, this is the struggle of being part of the normal society while also trying to understand what is happening to them. The blight grows their unnatural side more every day the players take no action.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, they are also dealing with this blight. Normal humans do not know of this because of the veil which separates the supernatural world from the world of the living. This veil has been ripped apart because of the blight and is now dripping into our world corrupting everything it touches.

More strange occupances happen daily as certain places on the planet on more torn plagued by blight and as so the veil is thinner. Creatures of the night walk fine lines between their world and the moral plane. 

Now players have to struggle with understanding this but also dealing with the fact that they themselves have been blighted which will corrupt their soul if they don’t reverse the process. At the same time, this power courses through their veins giving them the chance to wrong the rights of the blight and fight back against the corruption.

Deviants is a story of loss, a story of hope and a story of isolation. These people have no roadmap or guide, they are stuck in-between worlds and if either finds them; they fear what will happen. Becoming a monster is easy, regaining your humanity is much harder.

For the Players to Define:

Players will need to define what their life looks like and how this blight has affected them. We will have a zero day story which will run solo and define the event which sent the players down the road of the damned. I will supply a list of the most common monster paths that we allow players to choose from.

Players also will need to decide upon an area of the world familiar to them. We can choose a big city real or fictional, although I prefer real since that will give us source material.

The Players

As Defined:

Players are part of the Deviants which are a set of people who are being corrupted by a strange thing called the blight. The blight pulls at their sanity as they fall further and further from humanity. As Deviants players are drawn to one another because of their nature. We know little of the blight or the veil when players start the campaign they are thrown into a world that would probably abandon them.

As one might expect when you rave about the musings of demons and creatures you are often treated with the title of mental illness. So players will struggle with the fact that they are slowly losing their grip on humanity while also trying to find a way to treat their condition. Along the way they will learn more of the blight and it’s very existence but from the start you will be a little confused by what it is.

Character concepts should be fairly typical to start and then will radically change by mid game just due to the nature of play by post.

Because this game will feature very dark elements including things like: murder, suicide, rape, etc I need each character to define what they are comfortable talking about long before we ever play. I do not want to be insensitive to those players who have experienced real life trauma and then have to experience it against digitally. With that said, there will be no excessive gore, violence or deep descriptions of these things; however, know this game will touch a very dark tones.

Think Cthulhu meets White Wolf and you are probably on the right track. Humans are weak, when you compare them to the supernatural. In most cases anything supernatural would pose a huge risk to any human on the planet because of the unnatural origins.

For the Players to Define:

How has the blight touched you? What physical changes have you noticed? Keep in mind that right of the bat these will be very minor so I might suggest that you keep them highly subtle until later on. We will give over this in game play but I want you to think about the pain of the transformation that your character is experiencing. Looking at movies like The Fly, American werewolf in London, Salem's Lot, Silver Bullet, Paranormal Activity etc will give you an idea of how the characters feel.

Before we roleplay day zero, I want you to set the stage. What attacked you? Did you have a clue? Are you knowledgeable enough to know what attacked you? How did the damned corrupt you? While a bite or scratch are the most common ways, maybe it was something else. Did they use mind control to enter your body, did they steal your breath, did they preform a ritual? Each Deviant has a unique story and almost none of them are the same. Make sure before you consider this you look at the list of paths for your character to follow, these paths should cover most major monster types that people will consider.

An important thing to note is that humanity loss is different but in most cases the process will be much slower than what you might expect. You will most likely struggle to understand if you are being corrupted by the blight or the creature’s nature which should always be a question, it might in the beginning blur the lines.

The Setup

As Defined:

Both zero day and day one will take place solo. Zero day is your origin story of the blight touching you and day one you will try to comprehend what has taken place. Deviants as I have stated above are drawn to one another but you need not know one another unless your attack happened at the same time. I’ll let players decide those circumstances since that happens often in most common tales.

We will walk through the system later so don’t concern yourself with the details just yet. FATE has many documents online which can give you the basic idea but if confusion sets in, I would highly recommend the core rule book which will explain it. They also have several videos online which can give you an idea.

For the Players to Define:

Any NPC’s need to be defined with some minor information as they may play into your story more than you realize.

Play out in your mind how the attack happened. I will most likely add details to help spice up what took place as your memory is likely foggy from the attack. The only thing you know for sure is that you have some kind of mark, scar, something that you will probably write off until it becomes a bigger problem.


I love Vampire; I love Werewolf; I love all those games but I always wanted something that was the middle ground. Something where players weren’t fully the creatures of the night and had to struggle with all the problems that come with becoming one of the creatures.

Will you give into the power? How will you handle the loss of family and friends? What happens when you fully change? Why you? What is the blight? How are supernatural creature’s affecting the real world?

These prompted me for a much darker, much more gruesome game where the player struggles and fights not to lose their character. I think it’s unique and something missing from a lot of games. I hope you will join me on this adventure as we dive into Deviants.

The world is a dark place and today for you, it just got worse.