• This game is under the Contemporary, Intrigue & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Dog Town.
  • This game contains adult content.
Dog Town Hustle
“Passengers on Pan Am Flight 102, Pan Am Flight 102 from London, you are advised that you may collect your luggage at Carousel 3.”

“Pan Am Flight 102, Carousel 3.”

Eli Bishop, smarter than the other guys, walked past the throng at Carousel 3.

His luggage traveled separately, arriving a day later on Pan Am 167, a 747 cargo flight from London via Frankfurt. After brief pause in customs, the steamer trunk would be shipped directly to a hotel in Manhattan. So much easier, that, and also deniable. In a false compartment in the bottom of the trunk, wrapped tenderly in an oiled chamois, was a silver Colt M1911. Eli smiled to think of it.

Passport control had been a breeze. He touched the document in his breast pocket. It bore someone else’s name. And now it also bore an official entry stamp, testament to his veracity. Eli walked toward the sign “Nothing to Declare”.

With little ceremony, he passed to the other side of the barriers, beyond the uniformed customs clarks and linoleum inspection tables. A milling semi-circle of a crowd contained by a blue velvet rope. Faces peered and craned; a few cardboard signs with names scrawled in felt pen. One of them, held by a portly black man in a plaid shirt and cloth driver’s cap, read “Elia d’Angelo”.


Dog Town is a simulation of underworld 1970s New York. You're a small-time criminal learning the streets; you have 120 days to raise $150,000 dollars by whatever means possible: beg, borrow, hustle, steal. It's up to you how you do it.