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02:40, 23rd June 2024 (GMT+0)

Anthony La'Fael


Description: A lean build man with radiant crimson eyes and crimson hair, standing six feet tall and not weighing much over a hundred and a half in pounds wears a brilliant crimson hooded robe whose entire fabric is encrusted with rubies all around and he carries on his shoulders a tattered and burned cape made from crow's feathers and shadow around his shoulders as he carries a dark iron staff with blazing glowing ruby on the tip. The man appears human, young and not past thirty but his eyes display keen insight and whimsical intelligent gleam in them, with a natural facial expression in a very slight grin.

He wears a golden headband with spherical glowing sapphire in front, and his cheeks and forehead bear dark crimson tattoos with archaic geometric designs in them. On his forehead, beneath the headband, rests a transparent diamond that reflects light and sparkles from reflections. From his neck in adamantine chain hangs a necklace, but what it carries is hidden beneath the robes he wears. He wears bracers made from gold and mithril which bear the brilliant design of elven/fey styles from fey wilds combined with arcane runes written in a mix of draconic and sylvan and sporting brilliant emerald in each. He wears dove white gloves, made from white dove feathers.

Each hand he carries a ring, in one is a seal ring made from platinum with a six-pointed pentagram that traps a topaz inside it. Another ring is golden embroidery which covers from base to near tip of his index finger, if look carefully can find delicate near invisible thread-like patterns forming arcane runes on the surface of the gold.

All finished then with a humble dark leather belt which tightly hangs from the waist and a pair of comfortable traveling boots finish the entire attire. However, the man radiates powerful magic, both from items and from himself; a beacon of arcane power in whirlstorm matching most primal leylines of magic in many worlds. He travels with a ship of his own making, with butterfly-colored and shaped sails that either sail on waters or fly across skies between worlds.

History: Not known unless you hail from Golarion or are spelljammer traveler. But 'crimson mage' has been years a boogeyman among evil outsiders and rumors say the crimson mage's power hails not from one but two powerful evil and chaotic entities and yet he triumphed to overcome his tainted heritage and turn his wicked powers to good instead.