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16:28, 18th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Z) closed game also

An evil God has come forward admitting to having taken some part in a mistake on a cosmic scale.

He alone does not carry all the blame, but because his co-conspirators have not taken accountability; he is bound from giving more details. Additionally for the same reason that he cant give more information, the other gods are unable to "directly" act to fix the mistake.

Each of your characters was called by one or more of the gods to act as intermediaries to discover what the mistake was, and are tasked with correcting the mistake.

the posting rate policy
a posting rate of
... 7 significant posts in any consecutive 14 days is strongly recommended.
... failure by one character to post at least once in a consecutive 21 day period will not be held against the other characters in the game.
Thus in that event that character will depart all scenes and the larger region, never to return.