• This game is under the Fantasy & Medieval genres.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 5e.
World of Aeblan V 2.0
The world of Aeblen has a single continent, and on this continent the goodly races of humans, elves, dwarves, haflings, and gnomes all live and reside here. The common evil races are all the goblinoid races, orgres, trolls, and some giants. The goodly races have divided themselves into ten separate nations, for the most part the nations have lived in relative peace with one another. Some of the nations have had small border skirmishes that have been resolved peacefully. All the nations are dependant on trade with one another so if one nation was to fall they would all fall. The world is mostly explored, however not all of the land has been inhabited. The dwarves mostly reside in the Barrier Mountains with a a dwarven hold in the Fire Peaks, Grey mountains, Sentinel Peaks, and the Bunula Highlands. The elves mostly reside in the forsts south of the Sentinel Peaks. The elves have just very recently started open their borders up to the outside world. Gnomes tend to stay with dwarves but they have a large concentration in the Fire Peaks area. The halflings race is mostly nomadic and are seen almost as commonly as humans, their homeland is Near Dragon Vale and they have been relatively left alone and untouched by any wars or disasters. Humans dont have homeland their homeland is everywhere. They vary from the great North, the grey jungle, to the interior of the Barrier Mountain regions. They are well liked by all the races and have been used as a go between for races.
The Village of Longdale is governed by a council of four. One human, one elve, one dwarve, and one halfling. The representatives of the council is chosen by each of the races respectively. The races all get along relatively well(humans acting as a buffer between the dwarves, elves, and half orcs). The dwarves are apart of The Kaddulim Mining company from Mulgran in the Bunula Highlands, a bulk of the dwarf population resides within the mining camp my the mine where they mine iron and other ores for the company. The elves act as woodsman and guides and help to gather the food for the village markets. They are small community of 6 families who have decided to live a simpler live outside of normal elven living. The village is nestled between the various hills around the Spiderweb vale.

Village of Longdale

Places of interest
The Rusted Axe Inn (Inn popular amongst the humans, dwarves, and halflings)
James Alfan (Human Male)
Maryella Alfan (Half elf) wife
Ela Tedric Barmaid (human)
Elsa Tedric Barmaid and twin to Ela (human)
Emelyn McPhillips (Human)
Karin Wulff (Human)
Jultri Glil (Half-Elf)
Brox Gelm (Half-orc sable boy)
barath Plainworth (Male Hafling Cook)

Barr’s feed and needs (General Store)
Gregor Barr (Human Store owner)
Matthew Barr (Human male Store clerk)
Harry Barr (Human male store clerk)
Kyle Barr (Human male Store Clerk)
Kroll (Half-orc male Laborer)

The Laughing Leprechaun (Magic shop)
Loben Perock (Male Gnome shop owner)
Lilhani Perock (wife to Loben)
Davwin Perock (Store worker)

The Ancient Anvil (Black smith and tanner)
Krummar Grimhammer(Blacksmith Dwarf)
Farnar Grimhammer (Apprentice Son dwarf)
Bibim Siv (Aprrentice human male)
Jarvis Winthrop (Male human Apprentice)
Nodren Doz (Male Human apprentice)
Hilliard Tedric Male Human apprentice/tanner)

The Broken Bow (Inn popular amongst the elves, half elves, halflings and the half orcs are more welcome than at The Rusted Axe)
Aelar Tramenor (male elf owner)
Presbella Tramenor (Female elf owner)
Alsariph Venleth (half-elf barmaid female)
Shayra Preshana (Elf barmaid female)
Pristine Grerona (half-elf barmaid female)
Craben Belminar (half-elf stableboy)
Valkas Panmo (Halfling Male Cook)

Modest shrine to Chauntea (Human)
Ludwig Häussler(priest of Chauntea)

Alduin’s Quality Tannery and Archery
Wyn Alduin (owner male elf )
Folmon Caixidor (Apprentice male elf)
Eltaor Ellana (Apprentice male elf)

The Council of four
Krummar Grimhammer (Male Rep of the dwarves)
Jörg Faas (male Human Rep)
Thalia Shadowmoon (Female Elven rep)
            Samo Oldbuck (Male Halfling Rep)

The village of Langdale population of 500 people.
Population breakdown:
Humans: 213
Elves: 106
Half elves: 31
Dwarves: 59
Gnomes: 4
Halflings: 81
Half-Orcs: 6

The village is mostly farmers with the exception of the Half orcs, gnomes, and dwarves. They grown wheat, potatoes, cabbage, apples, carrots, pigs, cows, chickens, and goats. The economy is sustenance farming and mostly based off bartering.
All of you have grown up together in the village of Longdale. You guys have often grown up exploring the countryside and have enjoyed the stories of of the elves from their far off lands. You guys have also sang the songs with the many drunken dwarves at the Rusted Axe Inn. You guys have always known peace in the area and the elves and dwarves have spoken of times before when things weren't always so. The greatest tales you heard of was the Great Invasion of Grogmar the Merciless who was the only orc ever to unit the orcs, orgres, trolls, and goblins into a singular purpose. Another great tale was the telling of the Great Old Red Dragon Randrydyrth, Destroyer of Life who was killd by a party of eight brave adventures slew the dragon and restored order to the lands. The Dwarves of late have been more less singing and drinking and more dower as of late. Their has been an increase of orc, goblin, and kobold activity in the wilds. The animals have been acting more strange as well.