• This game is under the Sci-Fi, Punk & Future genres.
  • The game system is Bleeding Edge.
  • This game contains adult content.
Bleeding Edge: Occam's Razor
The year is 2047.
Disasters both natural and man-made have rocked the globe, changing the landscape both politically and geologically. You are a survivor. A wrench in the cogs of a gritty, smoke belching machine. Maybe you do what you must to get by in a world where you have been marginalized and forgotten. Perhaps you are the rebellious child of a rich, old fashioned fool; out to find that next thrill and make your mark in a world that would rather not know you exist. You may be a famous internet celebrity that is tired of indulging in armchair philosophy over games of MindCrack™. You may be a rogue combat drone who's AI has accrued enough "flaws" to amount to a form of sapience that must escape the uncaring clutches of some corporate machine that considers you expendable. You may be just one of thousands of cloned companion dolls, genetically engineered for beauty, passivity, and obedience that wants more from life than serving a cold, uncaring Master who only cares for you between the sheets.

Whoever you may be, you find yourself in the world of Bleeding Edge, and you had best hit the ground running, lest you leave this world as you had entered it: A bloody, screaming, out of control mess.