• This game is under the Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Anime genres.
  • The game system is Pathfinder Mythic (Homebrew).
  • This game contains adult content.
Valhalla Online: Quest for the Grail
Sometime ago the world imploded. People are not completely sure on the actual timeline...the Great Cyberwar plunged the world into economic collapse. A global great depression and second dark age set in, punctuated here and there with conflicts akin to abortive attempts at world war III.  Bioweapons, nukes, and EMP's killed billions and left many major metropolitan area's glowing no-mans lands.

A lot was lost during those years. An entire generation at least has been born and grown up in the aftermath. Some folks have grandparents that remember life before the wars, and of course there are the fragments of culture that survived. Music, art, tv shows, and so on that managed to avoid deletion or had hard copy back ups.

And despite the fact that the world whose climate and ecology was going to shit, humanity did what it always had...and struggled back up onto its feet again.

Soon after the dust settled, in a time when people were knocked half way back to the industrial revolution, a mysterious figure calling themselves The System Administrator appeared on the world stage. No one even knows what the Super Hacker's gender was let alone who they were or where they came from. The records that remain all depict the figure differently, usually in a way that was particularly culturally attractive for the people keeping the records. In America he was a tall handsome white male, in africa she was a buxom black woman, in asian a short androgyenous figure...but always they appeared in a black cloak glittering as if spangled in starlight wielding knowledge and resources that had been lost to everyone else.

The legend goes that the System Administrator brought with them out of the bunkers the means to turn some of the lights back on and connect the scattered remains of humanity together again in a global society. A network of satellites that beamed power down and information across.

Thus was born Valhalla Online, the refuge, the escape, and the dream. An immersive VR experience that let humanity step into a virtual world and away from the decay and desolation of the real world. Inside it was a world of magic and wonder. Flying ships and teleportation portals linked worlds with themes! Some of those were Dragon World, Water World, Battle World, Cave World, and the Dark world among others with ahem more adult themes and settings. Everyone now a days lives the majority of their lives inside Valhalla Online. People work and play in the realm, their actions in the realm often affecting things outside it through automated systems and the economy in the game with its gold pieces and barter...became the basis of the economy outside the game. You can exchange gold in game for food rations outside it, buy clothes in game that can be delivered from the Fabers outside the game, and so on.

But what everyone wants but only a brave few are willing to take the risks to seek is The Holy Grail. A Quest laid down by the System Administrator with the promise riches, power, and fame for any who can hunt it down and drink from it. Each stage of the quest is supposed to give mythic powers to the players that defeat them...are you up to the task? Can you become Super Users and Mythic Heroes in a world that is otherwise full of sorrow and hardship?

This game uses Pathfinder 1e with the Mythic and Hero point rules for the game as it is inside the fantasy world of Valhalla Online. Outside the VR game we will just use rp to play most events. See Character Creation and RTJ messages for more information!