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Black Hack 2e: Weird Fantasy
This game will be a lighthearted, silly, weird-fantasy game without much obligation. Post a game advancing post at least once a week, or don't. If you don't I'll decide what your character does and I won't be malicious about it. That's a promise!

Maturity level: Saturday Morning Cartoons, Marvel Movies, etc. So no explicit nudity or gore, fade to black on those scenes, cussing is rare, etc.

This is a game in the mindset of the OSR. This means that character death is definitely on the table, game balance isn't really a thing, and thinking out of the box is encouraged. Character death isn't supposed to be a big deal either, since character creation is easy and quick.

Knowledge of the system isn't really needed. I can guide you trough it. Still, the booklet with player only rules is something around two dollars in price for a pdf I think. The entire game only cost me five I think.