• This game is under the Fantasy & Medieval genres.
  • The game system is home-brewed A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
The North Will Not Fall!
[The game is set about 77 years before the time of the HBO Game of Throne series/ Song of Ice and Fire Books by George RR Martin. Also, since it is in the North, there is no need for characters as heads of any of the other Great Houses.]

The year is 221 AC (After the Conquest) and King Aerys no longer sits upon the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. Maekar the First will be ascending the Iron Throne. Meanwhile, to the North, beyond the wall, Raymun Redbeard is gathering the Wildlings under his banner as King Beyond The Wall. In the South, The Third Blackfyre Rebellion ended about two years ago and things are begining to resume more normal times. The Greyjoys and their Iron Born continue to raid the western coast of Westeros in their longships. The Houses Martell and Dorne remain uneasy allies. The Houses, both great and small, must now maneuver for their best place in the upcoming Game Of Thrones! A game where the stakes are high and to lose means death!

Will you help the North stand or be a part of the Fall?

House Stark

The Starks have ruled the North from their citadel Winterfell for thousands of years. Lord Willam Stark is the Warden of the North. His brother Artos, known as the Implacable, aids him in his rule as Warden of the Northern Marches.

The North is a harsh land, and the Northerners are a hard people because of this. The Blood of the First Men runs through most Northerner’s veins, and they still follow the Old Gods. The Stark banner houses are fiercely loyal to House Stark, and they disdain the folk of the southern realms. There is some bickering amongst the banner houses, but the Starks keep this to a minimum. When the Starks call all their banners to war, they can muster some 45,000 troops.

The King Beyond The Wall

Far to the north, beyond the Wall, the Wildlings live a harsh existence. Clannish and freedom loving they are fiercely independent. Each clan/ tribe is usually ruled by the strongest & most cunning warrior. Rarely do the tribes come together in alliance unless a strong and charismatic leader is able to join them under one banner. Usually this happens by force of arms. In the past such legendary Kings Beyond the Wall included Bael the Bard King, and Gendle and Gorne the brother Kings.

Now there are rumors of another King beyond the Wall. To the children of the North he has become a boggy man. His name is Raymun Redbeard!

The Night Watch

The Night Watch, guardians of the Wall that separates Westros from the Wildlings, is under its Lord Commander, Smiling Jack Smallwood. They disagree with the idea of a King Beyond the Wall. The rangers who have returned from their rangings state they have seen no numbers of significance. However, the Wildlings who come to East Watch By the Sea and Lasher's hall to trade with the Watch claim Raymun's real. Yes, the blood of giants must be in his veins as he stands over 8 feet tall with hair and beard the color of blood itself. They state that he can cover the distance between the Shadow Tower to East Watch By the Sea in a single day. Every cow that goes missing, Raymun has her. Every hunter that doesn’t return, Raymun picks his teeth with his bones. Even the cold and maybe Winter itself is under his command as a few Wildlings believe. They say he has taken an Others' bride and rules from a castle of ice! Many a mother scares her children into behaving with the saying “ Better be good lest Raymun Redbeard takes you off to his castle of ice and his Other’s bride!”


Most of the Northern Lords see Raymun as nothing more than a grumkin or snark to scare children. With more tangible threats to face, these Lords look elsewhere for trouble. After all, the Wall has stood for 8,000 years and has not failed them yet. The Wildling numbers cannot be great or the Watch would have detected them by now surely. Betwixt the Wall and the Watch, the Wildlings will fail any attempt at invasion. If not stopping it completely, the Wall and the Watch should slow them down enough until the bannermen of the North could be raised.