• This game is under the Supernatural, Frontier/Western & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Home-brewed based on Star Frontiers rules system.
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Test Play 13th US Cavalry Vs Zombies
This game will serve as a Test Play for a customised set of rules based on the Star Frontiers system and including elements of Boot Hill and GURPs Old West.

This game will be set on the standard Boot Hill campaign map and will include modified versions of existing Boot Hill modules as well as other original material.

The player characters will begin the game as members of a 13th US Cavalry troop sent to investigate some unexplained/supernatural incidents in the Wild West.  If you have ever played Red Dead: Undead then this will be right up your alley.

As the game progresses there may be opportunities for new players to join the action as our heroes travel the countryside, saving the locals and ridding the world of supernatural creatures.

Saddle up!  We're burning daylight!


It's February 30th, 1874 in Cochise County, as the midnight train pulls into the town of Mad Mesa at the Eastern end of the Western & Pacific Railroad line as it approaches it's terminus just shy of El Dorado County.

"Wake up!  You slack-jawed, good for nuttin' wannabe's!"  Yells Sergeant Jacob Gruber as he stomps down the aisle of the passenger car, kicking, elbowing and slapping troopers on his way to the back of the car.  "The Lootenant says we're pulling into Mad Mesa soon and we need to unload the horses and our gear and get situated!"

Groans and curses from the newly minted troopers answer the Sergeants announcement as men wake up rubbing their eyes, stretching muscles and massaging cramps.  F Troop of the 13th US Cavalry slowly comes to life as they check their personal gear and weapons while waiting for the train to arrive at their destination.

30 minutes later the train pulls up at a typical frontier railway station and the cavalrymen begin the arduous process of disembarking themselves from the passenger car and their horses from the cattle cars at the back of the train.  Meanwhile Sergeant Gruber heads to the first car on the train to consult with Lieutenant John McLean.

After issuing orders to the Sergeant to oversee the disembarking of the horses and arranging overnight accommodation for his men, the Lieutenant disappears into town to find the local Sheriff and see if there are any updates or further news that might shed some light on the orders he has received from Head Quarters back East.

"Alright you mangy curs, let's get these horses off this train and into that cattle yard toot suite!"  Yells the Sergeant, "I want to wet my whistle in that saloon over yonder and every second you spend scratchin' your arse instead of doing your job is a waste of good drinkin' time!  Git moooovin'!"