• This game is under the Fantasy, Medieval & Horror genres.
  • The game system is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying.
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
[WFRP 2ed] - A hidden threat
This game aims to link various interchanging events in the empire together to a larger narrative with an attention to portraying a griddy, dark and sometimes rough look at the life in the empire, this game relies heavily upon players who wish to involve themselves in their own fate, and who wish to brave both high and defiantly low - fair and unjust, to uncover what lies beneath the often polished surface of matters.
A man can change, his morals, choices affects the outcome of his travel ahead.

The setting is set in the aftermaths of a few key events, primary being the storm of Chaos setting.
The world remains but is wounded by the attacks hailing from
2521 to 2522 IC and the havoc Archaon left before being defeated.
Also some links remain to the campaign which this game is birthed from, the Path of the damned. This should only serve as a minor impact for existing players however.

Advanced start: New players begin with Standard character(RAW) with an addition of 1800 xp worth of advances(including any trappings from such).

Quality over quantity: I prefer strong personalities over strong characters, power wise. Combat is never the only option and some of the greatest heroes came from meager upbringings. Fate is part birthright, part influenced by choices.

See inside for further details, RTJ and so forth! PM/Rmail for any questions.