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Rilthallayon (deceased)

Rilthallayon (who alternately refuses to give any kind of surname or supplies outlandishly long strings of "elven" syllables) is a handsome man of some exotic mixed ancestry. His skin is a distinct silvery gray, his hair stark white, his eyes a deep, crystalline blue. The gentle points on his ears and delicacy of his features suggest that whatever his heritage, there is a significant elven element in it. The jongleur has busy hands at the best of times; if something perturbs him enough to slip through his facade, his hands become nearly frenetic. Fortunately, he generally keeps them busy with coin tricks rather than anything more nefarious or detrimental to his clothes (which are fine and in vivid patterns of mismatched colors).

Ril is not a tall fellow, barely clearing 170 cm and clearing 30 kg primarily on the weight of his tall boots. There's a dagger in the left one, and another at his belt. He's often got a spear at hand, though he seems to use it as a walking stick more than anything else.