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05:44, 24th July 2024 (GMT+0)


Zosime draws herself defiantly up to her full 172 cm when eyes are on her, but tends to fall into some combination of slouch and crouch when she doesn't want attention. If she could get her body language to match her body better, she'd be beautiful. As it is, her avoidance of eye contact and tendency to bunch up as if ready to run puts people off. Her hair's a dark auburn, and usually falls in such a way as to obscure her vividly green eyes. Zosime's skin is a golden brown that might be from distant Maztica, but isn't quite right even for that far country.

'Sime's gear doesn't match with itself or with what one would expect for Faerun. Her sleeves are different lengths, her trousers bunched up to tuck into her boots, and her jerkin looks like it laces up the side rather than the center.  Her weapons are steel, but the decorations are all wrong, leather braided in ornate patterns.