• This game is under the Fantasy, Medieval & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 5e.
Pioneers of Rimewood
A sign hangs upon a bulletin board. It reads as follows:
"Pioneers Needed!
One and all are welcome. Please travel to the far outreach of the south. There you will find the settlement of Smith's Gambit. We are in need of settlers of all types. Merchants, explorers, adventurers of all sorts and of course people to settle are all very welcome. Food and lodging to get you started will be provided. Please help us build this settlement into a magnificent colony."

As you read this sign you are inspired to try out life in this newly built outpost. Whether for adventure, escape, or business you believe starting a new life here could be worth the chance and so off you go to make the journey to the colony. Making the arduous journey through Rimewood you have to admire the endurance of the environment of this passage. Surely the scenery of this new place will be just as cold as the wood before you. And it's true. The snow covered wood opens to a white clearing where just off in the distance a partially frozen ocean can be seen. It easy to tell a bit of work will be required to build anything here, but the resources can be found here. This could be a very good start.