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Welcome to The Year of the King 998

00:14, 28th February 2024 (GMT+0)

The Year of the King 998

One hundred years ago the Kingdom of Galifer went to war. The last king Jarot played his children against each other, paranoid and ultimately alone. His children showed up to his chosen heir's coronation with soldiers, and shaky alliances dissolved overnight. The Last War raged and now the Five Nations of Galifer are separate. Only Cyre, the province of the rightful heir, is no more. Four years ago the entire country was covered in a thick fog and nothing living left that fog. Two years ago the war ended as the refugee crisis reached its peak.

Two years of peace, a fretful peace at best. The world both waits to see when the war will start again and works to rebuild after the fighting that swallowed generations.

In the wake of a destroyed monarchy and weakened nobility, the mercantile houses of industry have begun to test the limits of the Korth Edicts, laws they signed with the throne of Galifer defining when and how they could use their magical talents gifted to their bloodlines. It was Galifer they knelt to, and Galifer is gone. Now the thirteen dragonmarked houses vie for control, make alliances with nobles and each other, and start to amass land and armies in defiance of the Edicts.

Where once a single kingdom spanned the length and breadth of Khorvaire, now thirteen nations (and more unrecognized as such) sit. Some of these are carved from old Cyre's territory by treacherous mercenaries before the war was ended, a point the Cyran refugees resent. Some are lands long held loosely by Galifer's provinces which the Five Nations did not care to continue to govern with reduced capability. But the industrious dwarves of Mror, the warrior raider elves of Valenar, the ascendant goblins of Darguun, the swamp clans and orc tribes of the Shadow Marches, the scheming gnomes of Zilargo, the rebellious druids of the Eldeen Reaches, the dinosaur riding halflings of the Talenta Plains and the monsters of Drooam all came out of the war with territory they'd previously not held in their own right.

And beyond Khorvaire and their war are the death worshipping elves of Aerenal, the ancient thirteen kingdoms of Sarlona and their new empire of Reidra (not really new, older than Galifer), the lost civilizations of the giants in Xen'Drik's mighty fog filled jungles. And the secretive land of Argonnessen, the continent of the dragons who quietly watch and manipulate the world in a game of intrigue against the demons of the first age, to shape the very tapestry of the world and guide the course of destiny itself. All secrets embedded in the symbols of the dragonmarks, which for thousands of years have appeared on the bodies of certain bloodlines in Khorvaire.