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Bhaskara Kohli

Description:  Inks and powders, dyes and oils, the dark skin of Bhaskara Kohli is so painted that it is impossible to guess its true hue.

Instead, they greet each morning Sun with a brilliant mask of white, applied not just to their face, but upon every inch of exposed skin.  Whatever alchemy employed in the creation of such cosmetics appears to render them immune to smudging or staining, even when wet.  Indeed, they might as well have tattooed their paints on, if not for the fact that the exact pattern changes each day.  The white canvas gives them much opportunity for creativity and expression, streaks of vivid blue or crimson, arcane symbols, whatever flights of fancy strike their mind.  Their hair is long, oppressively curly, and very dark, typically worn high in a clasp that causes it to flow down their back.  They are of middling height and weight, for one of the Visla, Bhaskara favors dark clothing and large pieces of gaudy costume jewelry.  A trio of thin canes are stitched into a harness at their back, though as they are completely inaccessible to her, their purpose is unclear.  They rise over her head, ends capped in silver, scaffolding for some unknowable construction.

They blink too much, as if they are always trying to get something out of their violet eyes.  Despite this, their features are strong and chiseled, with a powerful set of their jaw that belies their more feminine features.