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23:19, 12th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Jonah Ophidon

Living in Satyrine makes most immune to the strange sights that frequent the town and it is rare for anyone to stand out in their strangeness.  Jonah manages to do that.  His clothing is odd, but not particularly unusual, suits tailored to a style from many years ago though no two people seem to agree exactly when.  The colors are, special, hues that when combined would only be attributed to the wearer being colorblind.  The collars of his shirt are always buttoned to the top and he always wears a tie though sometimes it is a modern tie and others a bow tie, a bolo, what could only be assumed is someone¬ís grandmothers scarf...  Whatever it is it only enhances the disparate colors of the outfit.  His glasses should not be called that as they contain no glass nor do they help Jonah to see.  He also is never without a handbag of some variety which is good because it keeps his hands busy.