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Vault Ventures
You are expert valuation technicians working as legally authorized sub-contractors for Vault Ventures LLC whom has claim to a number of prime real-estate locations waiting for valuation.

The several inconsistencies regarding these locations need to be resolved before sale or rental can proceed.  The exact location of the real-estate is often vague due to poor records of previous owners, requiring accurate surveying.  The control of any "animals" occupying the real-estate is of upmost importance.

This is an old school hexcrawl with lairs and small dungeons in a fantasy/sci-fi mashup like Thundarr the Barbarian.  Using the Mutants and Magic game - which is a combination of Labarynth Lord (TSR Basic/Expert D&D clone) game with Mutant Future (Gamma World 1e-2e Clone) throwing in some Anomalous Subsurface Environment in the setting, and a good bit of changes to the setting.  Mutants, Scientists and Robots live along side Elves, Clerics and Thieves.

Your base is Denethex (a kinder gentler version than ASE) a good sized city-state with some rediscovered technology ruled by a benevolent magic-user of immense power.  Many other city-states ruled by evil wizards dot the land outside of the domain of Denethex.

As DM I run the game as a referee not a storyteller.  I set up the world and environments, and you explore and interact as you see fit.  This is a cooperative game, no inter-party violence is allowed, while friendly rivalry is appreciated.